We inhabit multiple realities, and therefore identities. However, I would like to take it one step further: it is true that religious fundamentalism are as much as a component to a globalised world as anything else, however, there are construction of certain identities whether within oneself or in society which disable us from being plural. In other words: contested identities do exist in a single space (which can be inherently accommodating), which can lead to the undermine of that plural identity. To take a simple example: a masculine/aggressive form of Hinduism exist in opposition to say a more liberal orientation to Hinduism ( or any other identity which is in opposition to aggressive Hinduism such as socialism), such opposition has led attention away from defending core liberal and plural constitutional principles to waging ‘history wars’, where even the judiciary takes upon the task of defining the “core” precepts of Hinduism.

To conclude: there are some constructions of identity which can generate a narrative of its own engulfing the idea of pluralism — which is needed to sustain a rational balance of multiple identities.


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